Weddings & Events ​

Place cards

Name cards are a stunning additional to your table. They help your guests to find their seat, and are often taken away as a small memory of the day. 

You can choose from different options such as flat or folded, and use colours fit in with your wedding/event.

 I do not supply the place cards but I am happy to help you choose something suitable. 

Pricing will depend on quantity, ink colour and design but place card calligraphy is usually priced at £0.70 for only first names and £0.90 for full names.


A beautiful and elegant touch to your wedding or event is to have each envelope done in calligraphy to send out your invitations. They create a stunning first impression of the day for the guests as the invitations drop through the door. 

Calligraphy is used for the names and a block lettering style is used for the addresses. 

The envelopes are not provided. 

Pricing will depend on the style, quantity and colour. From £1.80 per envelope. 

Personalising Invitations

Many couples choose to leave a line or space on their wedding invitations so each can be personalised with the guests’ names. This adds a beautiful and more personal touch to each invitation.

Alternatively, you and your partner’s names can be written in calligraphy on your invitations. 

Please get in touch if you’re looking for a calligraphy addition to your existing invitations.

Pricing will vary depending on quantity, ink colour and style, but generally invitation calligrpahy is priced at £0.70 per first name and £0.85 per full name.


Signs can be done on many different surfaces such as chalkboard, mirror, card, wood or acrylic. They can help to provide the guests with information, while looking beautiful too. 

At weddings, common signs include: 

  • Welcome 
  • Order of the day
  • Seating plans 
  • Unplugged ceremony
  • Menus
  • Table numbers
  • Reserved seating

Please note that I do not provide the sign, but will be happy to help you choose something suitable. 

Pricing will vary depending on the size, surface and design so please get in touch if you would like to find out more. 

Vows & Readings

Calligraphy is perfect to preserve your wedding vows, or readings/speeches from the day. Having them written out looks stunning and  they can be framed for your home. 

Pricing will vary depending on the number of words and size of the piece. Different style of paper are available. 

Please note that the maximum word count that will fit onto A4 paper is approximately 120 words. Larger paper can be used for longer pieces. 

Please contact me to find out more. 

Anything else?

There are so many different ways you can incorporate calligraphy into your wedding or event! From personalised gift bags and favours to photo mirrors, I’m alway happy to help bring other ideas for your wedding to life.

  If you’re interested in any other calligraphy products, please contact me to discuss. 

Please include details of your wedding/event, including the date, and of what you are looking for.